A charismatic, energizing speech by Bernie Sanders, a man with a vision

Sanders Victory

We’re not satisfied with half a loaf, and we’re surely not satisfied when someone is telling us that our ideals are pie-in-the-sky, idealistic and unrealistic.  If you don’t have a vision, you stall – Bernie Sanders has a vision, and we’re with him.

Thanks to U.S. Uncut for this:

If we were here in this beautiful auditorium 5 years ago, not a long time from an historical perspective, and someone were to jump up and say, you know, I think the $7.25 minimum wage is a starvation wage and it has to be raised to $15 an hour.” If someone stood up and said that 5 years ago, the guy next to him would say, ‘You’re nuts! 15 bucks an hour? You want to more than double the current minimum wage. You’re crazy. Maybe, maybe, we can get up to 8 or 9 bucks an hour, but 15 bucks an hour? You’re dreaming. Too big.’ Sound familiar? ‘You are unrealistic. It can’t be done. Think smaller.’

. . . But then what happened is fast-food workers went out on strike… and I was very proud to join with those workers in Washington. And they went out and told Americans we can’t live on $7/hour, you gotta raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. And they fought and fought. Then Seattle, Washington, 15 bucks an hour. Los Angeles, San Francisco, 15 bucks an hour. Oregon, 15 bucks an hour. And in the last several weeks, in both California and New York, both governors signed legislation for 15 bucks an hour. My point is that, yes, we can change the status quo when we think big and when we have a vision.

. . . I am not naive. I know the power of Wall Street, and their endless supplies of money. I know that corporate America will shut down plants in America and move to Mexico or China if they can make another $5 in profit… I know about the corporate media that will give us all the information we need, except what is most important for working families. I know about all of that.

But this is what I also know. I know that history is about when people stand up and say that status quo is not acceptable, we will not have children working in factories, we will not have working people on the job who have no power over those jobs. We will not continue to have segregation, or racism, or bigotry. We will not have women unable to vote or go to the schools they want or do the work they want. We will pass gay marriage in 50 states across this country.

So that is what I have learned from history, is that when we are prepared to think big, when we are prepared to take on the greed and recklessness of Wall Street, when we stand together and we don’t let the Donald Trumps of the world divide us, whether we are born in America or abroad, whether we are Muslim, or Jewish, or Christian, when we stand together, whether we’re gay or straight, male or female, yes we can create a government that represents all of us, and not just for a handful of wealthy campaign contributors.

Bernie Sanders Just Destroyed His Critics Who Call Him ‘Unrealistic’

After his decisive win in Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders delivered a fiery speech in Laramie, Wyoming, destroying all of his critics’ arguments. Throughout the speech, Sanders made distinctions between the message of his campaign and Hillary Clinton’s as one of vision and boldness vs. a continuation of the status quo.