Al Franken apologists are simply shameful

Welp . . . two more accusers against Al Franken, reported by that well known conservative bastion of witch-hunts against liberals, HuffPo – bringing the total now to 4 accusers . . . so, “progressives,” we now have two more “lying sluts” (yes, a few people on my Facebook wall did indeed refer to Leeann Tweeden as a “lying slut”) for you to dig into the backgrounds of. I mean, did either of them ever have sex, ever work at Hooter’s, ever kiss a dude publicly, vote Republican . . . ? ‘Cause if they check any of those boxes, according to the new “progressive” rating scale, they’re either flat-out lying or Republican operatives. I can’t imagine what contortions some of these so-called “progressives” will now go through to discredit these new victims of Al Franken’s creepy touchy-feely thing, including butt-grabbing a lewd suggestion by Franken to one of the women to visit the bathroom together – and can’t imagine that Al Franken will now be able to hunker down and hope it blows over.  Franken apologists are gonna have to retrench and, although a little self-examination and reflection here wouldn’t be a bad thing, it’s my sense that there’s a huge faction of tribal loyalists who will not believe the female accusers of Al Franken regardless of who they are or what their stories are. They’ll still be looking for shadows under fingers to disprove these accusations, or demanding the women show them hand prints on their asses.  

As reported by HuffPo:

The first woman wanted to tell her story because Franken is ‘a serial groper’ . . . 

The first woman . . . spoke to HuffPost on condition of anonymity because she’s worried she’ll be harassed online for making the allegation . . . .

That’s a pretty good bet on her part, although Franken apologists will no doubt indignantly scream that “real” victims don’t remain anonymous.  But Al Franken’s first two victims didn’t fare well out here. Progressives have slut-shamed and vilified Tweeden, in particular; these supposed supporters of the “party of women” have turned themselves into pretzels trying to blame the lying harlot for Franken’s bad behavior. 


It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.  A sample of Facebook comments:

In the photo with Tweeden, he isn’t actually touching her. No one sleeps in body armor. He’s looking at the camera so its obviously staged. The kiss photo is part of a skit and she was consenting . . . .

From what I’ve heard, she was in on the joke and a willing participant. It was NOT abuse.

1. She’s not 14 years old.
2. She was not raped.
3. It was a freakin’ kiss FFS.
4. She was not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. Hard to believe she was traumatised.

People like Leeann Tweed [sic] making sexual accusations only diminish the words from legimate [sic] accusers.

Sorry. No one that voted for Trump gets to have a voice in this. You’re not credible.

. . . In fact, if you look at all the pictures, the only one touching without consent is that lying slut Tweeden.

Tribal loyalists are defending Franken to the wall, at the expense of his victims, desperately willing to shred every principle they’ve been taught to believe as “progressives” – it’s partisanship on steroids. And yet, these same people believe Donald Trump’s accusers, Roy Moore’s accusers, despite having the same evidence as in the case of Franken: Only the claims of the women (which, to me, is all we need). 

Leeann Tweeden and Lindsay Menz, Al Franken’s first two accusers, were annihilated from the moment they opened their mouths. People who call themselves progressives flat out didn’t believe them – because the accused was one of “theirs.” Despite Franken apologizing for his behavior, they still didn’t believe these women.  It took two more accusers to emerge for some – some – to grudgingly admit that he might actually have done what he was accused of.  

Many progressives, and in particular Dem loyalists, did not believe the words of these women. They believed President Trump’s victims, despite only having the word of the women. They believed Roy Moore’s victims, even decades later, despite having only the word of the women. In a classic “he said/she said,” some of us believed the women – all of them. And some – largely, false-flagging “progressives” – chose to believe every Republican victim but give a pass to Al Franken. A progressive can’t say they believe Trump’s accusers and Moore’s accusers – without anything but their accusers’ word on it – and then say they can’t believe Franken’s accusers without hard proof.  That’s not reflective of any progressive value I’ve ever heard of.  Clinton fancied herself the champion of women, said they should be believed – and, funny thing about that, progressives believed every damn lying thing she said except that. 

This can’t even be chalked up to identity politics. This is Mean Girls on a grand scale. This is Hillary Clinton defending Bill from the “bimbo eruption.” This is a setback to victims and their voices, and it’s progressives, not conservatives, who are driving it.  For Pete’s sake, one of Franken’s victims is staying anonymous because she’s seen how the first couple of women were absolutely slayed – by progressives – on social media. 

Progressives who are defending Franken should be utterly ashamed of their incredibly hypocritical, sexist, misogynistic reactions to Franken’s accusers. This is the party, the gang, that we’re supposed to sweep into office in the mid-terms and 2020? These are the people who are supposed to lead us out of the wilderness? These people are supposed to be the arbiters of fairness and social justice? Pssh.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “No power can be maintained when it is only represented by hypocrites.”