Arizona’s scramble to fix the voting mess is like closing the barn door after the horses are gone

Who’s to blame for this colossal balls-up in Arizona?  According to Arizona’s Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, it’s at least partly the voters’ fault “for getting in line . . . they could have voted early – that was their option in this instance,” and “maybe us for not having enough polling places.”

When asked by the reporter whether, looking back, this would be a failure by Purcell’s office, Purcell responded testily:

I don’t think so.  When you get people out to vote, is that a failure?  I don’t think so.

Okay, yeah, the Recorder isn’t the one getting people out to vote; in fact, she impeded that effort.  But here’s the point:  When the buck is busy being passed, it ain’t gonna be easy to get straight answers – and Purcell clearly had no answers for this young reporter trying to get some.  What was crystal clear was that Purcell was highly displeased that she was being questioned, and that she was being assigned blame, for what happened during the March 23rd primary in Arizona.  But what’s also clear from the interview is that Purcell has no interest in taking that “full responsibility” that she claims to be taking.  As reported by, “Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton wants the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether Maricopa County elections officials illegally put fewer presidential primary polling locations in poor or minority-heavy areas.”  In addition, House Elections Committee chairwoman Michelle Ugenti-Rita announced today that she’s calling a special session next week – and inviting Purcell to testify – to figure out what happened here, and why there were five-hour waits to vote.  And a petition to the White House requesting an investigation into the voting shenanigans in Arizona has now garnered 100,000 signatures, enough to require a White House response.

Some might recall the 2012 presidential election, where this same Recorder, Helen Purcell, made a “mistake” on the Spanish version of voting materials – the “mistake” being the wrong voting date – and shrugged it off.