Attention Young Voters, You Are Doing It Wrong.


Millennials, we have a problem.  You will attend rallies all over the country in support of the candidate of your choice but as with previous years, you can’t seem to find the time to actually vote for one.   I am trying to wrap my head around this, you say that you want to change the world, you reject the old school political establishments rhetoric yet you sit on your asses,  watch the results  on the TV and then have to audacity to complain about them.  I have gone out on a limb and defended you guys too many times to count.  I am not even sure that any of you will take the time to read this but below are some statistics that show what happens when you don’t follow through and vote.

Much thanks to Phillip Bump at the Chicago Tribune for the following information.


In the two states Sanders lost — Iowa and Nevada — young voters turned out much less versus their share of the population (as of the most recent Census estimates) than in New Hampshire. Those aged 18 to 30 are a smaller percentage of the population in New Hampshire than they are in Iowa or Nevada, but they turned out about as much in this year’s contests. (There are margins of error on these that are not insignificant, but that’s not important at this point.)

The problem — which also happens to be the ongoing, perpetual problem for candidates who bank on the youth vote — is that older voters usually over-perform.


In other words, get off your asses.


We’ve noted repeatedly that young people simply don’t turn out to vote as much as older voters. That overlaps a bit with Sanders’ “working class” comment; income, education level and age are all overlapping groups which tend to vote less frequently. 


Again, get off your asses.


This is why campaigns that need younger voters in order to win often don’t. Younger voters — who move more often, work weirder hours and aren’t in the habit of voting — simply don’t vote as much. Which, Bernie Sanders said, is why Hillary Clinton beat him on Saturday.




Young voters are failing Bernie Sanders, just as they’ve failed so many before

When Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire by a wide margin, he was understandably excited. “Because of a huge voter turnout – and I say huge,” he said afterward, drawing out the “u” sound in his distinctive Brooklyn accent, “we won.”