Bernie And Hillary’s WTF Moment During The Flint Debate

In case you missed it, here it is . . .


The Question –  “I want to ask both of you this question. I appreciate you responding to that question, but I want to ask both of you again. In a speech about policing, the FBI director James Comey borrowed a phrase from the Broadway show Avenue Q, saying, “Everyone is a little bit racist.” What racial blind spot do you have? Secretary Clinton, you first.”


I am going to address Bernie’s response first.


Bernies Response – “Well, let me just very briefly tell you a story. When I was in one of my first years in Congress, I went to a meeting downtown in Washington, D.C. And I went there with another congressman, an African-American congressman. And then we kind of separated during the meeting. And then I saw him out later on. And he was sitting there waiting and I said, well, let’s go out and get a cab. How come you didn’t go out and get a cab?  He said, no, I don’t get cabs in Washington, D.C. This was 20 years ago. Because he was humiliated by the fact that cabdrivers would go past him because he was black. I couldn’t believe, you know, you just sit there and you say, this man did not take a cab 20 years ago in Washington, D.C. Tell you another story, I was with young people active in the Black Lives Matter movement. A young lady comes up to me and she says, you don’t understand what police do in certain black communities. You don’t understand the degree to which we are terrorized, and I’m not just talking about the horrible shootings that we have seen, which have got to end and we’ve got to hold police officers accountable, I’m just talking about every day activities where police officers are bullying people. So to answer your question, I would say, and I think it’s similar to what the secretary said, when you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor. You don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car.”


I literally stopped breathing and if I had been wearing pearls I would have clutched them with one hand while fanning myself with the other.  Instead I just breathed out while saying an expletive, the one that begins with an “F”.  There stood the man that I have been asking the black community to research or at the least listen to before casting a vote for Hillary Clinton destroy everything I worked for with one crazy ass response.   I actually replayed it several times hoping that I somehow misheard what he actually said.  Unfortunately, I heard him correctly.  In all honesty they both should have seen this one coming.  The debate was held in Flint, Michigan in front of a predominately black audience that knows first had what racial bias has done to their community and on the eve of the states primary.  The sign really doesn’t get much bigger than that yet they both missed it.


Now, I have been following Bernie for years because of my love for politics, because I lived in Chicago and on the east coast which made him a familiar name but mainly because my Dad deeply respected him.  He has been fighting for the rights of everyone regardless of their skin color, where they live or their socioeconomic level since the early sixties.  He has managed to do so without selling his soul to the establishment which is something I can’t say about his running mate.  Yes, he used an unbelievably poor choice of words but I honestly believe there was no malicious intent behind them.  That is just not how he operates nor will it ever be.  If I even thought for one second that it was, I would be blasting his ass on here and everywhere else I could find.  I am not one to make excuses for racist and/or bigoted behavior regardless of whether I like you or not.  I always call it like I see it and I seldom care if the truth hurts anyone’s feelings but I will at least look around to see if I have any tissues in case you need one.


So, to sum it up, Bernie should have left the cab story in his head.  He needs to acknowledge the fact that all black people do not live in ghettos and then permanently  remove  the word ghetto from his vocabulary. He might also want to acknowledge that poor white people do actually exist.  I am pretty sure he learned a very painful lesson and will choose his words more carefully in the future.


Now let me attempt to objectively tackle Hillary’s response which will be extremely tough for me to do, make that damn near impossible for me to do.


Hillary’s response – “Well, Don, if I could, I think being a white person in the United States of America, I know that I have never had the experience that so many people, the people in this audience have had. And I think it’s incumbent upon me and what I have been trying to talk about during this campaign is to urge white people to think about what it is like to have “the talk” with your kids, scared that your sons or daughters, even, could get in trouble for no good reason whatsoever like Sandra Bland and end up dead in a jail in Texas.


She didn’t stop there, the applause made her feel all warm and fuzzy.


. . . And I have spent a lot of time with the mothers of African-American children who have lost them, Trayvon Martin’s mother. And I’ve gotten to know them. I’ve listened to them. And it has been incredibly humbling because I can’t pretend to have the experience that you have had and others have had. But I will do everything that I possibly can to not only do the best to understand and to empathize, but to tear down the barriers of systemic racism that are in the criminal justice system, in the employment system, in the education and health care system. That is what I will try to do to deal with what I know is the racism that still stalks our country.”


Now, does she mean she will destroy the racial barriers in black communities like she and her husband promised while on the campaign trail in the nineties or is she referring to how much they helped tear down racial barriers in the black  community while funding privatized prisons after they moved into the White House? Maybe she is referring to all the black males that were incarcerated because of the racially biased laws her husband signed off on with her support . . .wait, scratch that one.  I find it even more insulting that now she has resorted name dropping victims and their families for street cred which doesn’t work for me now anymore than the laws the two of them supported helped the black community back then.


I fully admit that it was an extremely difficult question to answer but as I stated above, they both should have seen it coming.