Bernie responds to Katie Couric, asks if Clinton would be interested in being HIS Vice-President

Despite what the Clinton camp, along with her pals in the punditry industry and the mainstream media and her fellow political hacks, are implying, America has not yet made up its mind about which Democratic candidate will be our eventual nominee (and if this is any indication, she may be really getting ahead of herself).  I think a few of us (along with Bernie and his camp) are getting a little tired of pundits hashing out how Clinton should debate Trump in the general election, or who she should pick as her veep.  But Bernie’s not buying it – he’s in it to win (and so are his supporters!) and he’s not conceding that Clinton will be the nominee (and why in hell should he?).

Bernie Veep


There’s this:


And then, there’s this:

Would she be interested in being my vice president?