Bernie Sanders represented our interests even when the whole world wasn’t watching

Bernie early lifeAll of the reasons the mainstream media and the political establishment have given us that Hillary Clinton is the “inevitable” candidate or the “most electable” candidate or the “most experienced” candidate are wrong.  Her unfavorable ratings are in double digits, second only to Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a net positive favorable rating.  Her chronic and shameless inconsistency on her policy positions, from guns to gay marriage to trade deals, even to abortion, is legendary, while YouTube has an array of videos documenting Bernie Sanders’ fights against the “system” and on behalf of us for decades, long before the whole world was watching.  Whatever the outcome, Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for what is, at best, the worst judgment in the world for her use of a private, secret, shady email server, and what is at worst possible crimes.  Neither poor judgment nor criminal activity speak well for someone seeking to occupy our nation’s highest office.  That matters.  And despite Clinton’s dismissive attitude toward the FBI’s investigation into what she did with her emails, and despite her haughty confidence, it’s not, as she recently claimed, just a routine “security review,” not when people close to her are being granted immunity.

Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  Don’t consign this country to four or eight years of business as usual, politics as usual, to the leadership of someone whose primary loyalty lies with those big players who financially fueled her rise to power.  Don’t give the Establishment what it wants, which is to maintain the status quo, where power brokers lobby for deals, politicians sign on, and we pay the price.  Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, a candidate who’s so deep into the dark money, so entrenched in the nether regions of the upper echelon – a place you and I can’t even imagine, let alone ever reside in – that she can’t even envision what our lives are like, let alone take steps to alleviate our pain.  Don’t vote for a candidate who measures peoples’ worth based on what they can do for her financially or politically.

Is there such thing as a perfect candidate?  No.  Do we largely pick our poison?  Sure – but not this time around.  This time, we have a chance, there’s actually a window of opportunity, to vote for Bernie Sanders, someone with rock solid integrity and commitment who has represented our interests behind the scenes for decades – even when the whole world wasn’t watching.  When he took to the Senate floor to rail against the Panama trade agreement, when he stood against the Iraq war, when he marched for civil rights and for workers’ rights, when he proposed legislation to protect our pensions and when he has fought to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour so millions can be lifted out of poverty, he was speaking for us, because it was right, and not because it made for a good sound bite.

Hillary Clinton is by all measures the scariest candidate on either side of this election cycle.  The powers that be on the Dem side want to convince us that we have to vote for her, or we risk a Trump or a Cruz or a Kasich.  You know what?  I know what they stand for.  I don’t like it, but I know it.  With Clinton, there’s a constant question mark.  As she’s clawed her way up in politics, she’s left a trail of rule-breaking, rumors of corruption, the scent of dark and mysterious money flowing every which way, clear quid pro quo deals and a refusal to believe that facts and truth matter.  Hillary Clinton has no moral compass.  Her every act and word is calculated for either financial gain or gaining another rung on the power ladder.  She won’t release her Wall Street speeches because she knows they will simply reinforce every notion we have always had of her – that she says one thing and does another.

Once Hillary Clinton lost Michigan, she also lost interest in Flint’s plight.  If she sees the black vote veering toward Bernie Sanders, and believes it’s lost to her, she’ll lose interest in the mothers of the slain young black men who she’s now using as political props.  Her deplorable Sandy Hook attacks on Bernie Sanders backfired, and she’s likely to distance herself from that lawsuit – and the parents of those slain children – as well.  We should judge her, ethically and morally, for her callous use of grieving people to score political points.  We should judge her, as a fellow human being, for viewing people as just so much flotsam and jetsam in her quest for power.

Integrity and character aren’t fluid things, but Clinton missed that memo.  Every single move she makes is calculated for politics, to curry favor.  She wouldn’t even take a bite of a damn piece of cheesecake in New York because she was afraid of how it would play to those watching.

Bernie Sanders says what he thinks – about Israel, about Wall Street, about the Sandy Hook parents’ lawsuit against the gun manufacturers, about how he views Hillary Clinton’s qualifications – even when it’s not popular.  He doesn’t stop, think, and stick a finger in the air to test the political winds before speaking.  He’s articulate and passionate and real.  He’s everything she isn’t, and she’s everything that he has spent a lifetime fighting against.

We cannot let Hillary Clinton get the nomination.  This is our one shot to tell the Democratic establishment what we think of their efforts to decide for us who our nominee will be, to tell the media what we think of their slights to Bernie Sanders during this primary season, what we think of the corporations who own Hillary Clinton.  We have a chance, and we can’t blow it.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders don’t believe he’s a perfect human being; instead, we know that he’s the perfect candidate for us, at this time, in this economic environment.  We know that he’s who he says he is and that two months, three months, six months into his presidency, he’s not going to be in the tank for Wall Street or making deals on behalf of corporate America.  We know this. Nobody – NOBODY, not even her most ardent supporters – can say the same thing about Hillary Clinton.

We deserve our revolution.  We’ve suffered enough at the hands of those like Hillary Clinton who put politics before people.  We need to demand that we won’t accept less than we are owed, and that even if Wall Street got away with literal murder and crime, we won’t stand behind someone who has slithered behind the scenes, giving speeches to the tune of 3/4 of a million dollars, to assure them they’ll have a friend in the White House.

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