Bernie Sanders sat down with hip hop’s top morning show, The Breakfast Club

Bernie Sanders is willing and eager to charge into any venue to spread his message.  He appeared on Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club, which is the biggest morning show in hip hop, based out of New York.  Bernie sat down with hosts Charlamagne the God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, along with Bernie’s heavy-duty hip hop supporter Killer Mike, to talk frankly about his message, his past, and what he wants to bring to this country.  You can watch below, but it’d be hard to imagine anyone could watch this video and doubt Bernie Sanders’ sincerity, passion and commitment to doing a better job of bolstering the 99%.  I want to give a shout-out to my kid, Mpulse, a Chicago/Atlanta rapper and Bernie Sanders supporter, who gave me the heads up on this interview.

Breakfast Club interview
Bernie expounded on many topics, and answered very pointed questions, in his 14-minute interview, but here are some of the highlights:

On Donald Trump’s desire to “build a wall”:  

I think what Donald Trump is saying is outrageous.  And it’s the old-fashioned scapegoating.  what he wants to do is throw 11 million people who . . . came to this country to try to get a little bit of a better life, take care of their kids . . . that is outrageous, that is bigotry in my mind, and we gotta stop that . . . in my view, we need comprehensive immigration reform, we need a path toward citizenship, and that’s what I strongly support.

On why he voted for the 1994 crime bill, which Bill Clinton signed into law:

What happens, and this is what makes a Congressman’s life difficult.  You’ve got a big piece of legislation, some terrible stuff in it, some good stuff in it.  In that bill was a ban on military style assault weapons, which I think is positive.  In that bill was legislation for violence against woman, an issue I’ve been dealing with a whole lot, want to protect women . . . but read what I said about the bad elements.  I was very conscious about the negative parts of it . . . In 1996, there was a so-called Welfare Reform bill . . . and that was a bill which really targeted the poorest people in this country, often African Americans . . . I voted strongly against it.  I knew it was scapegoating the most vulnerable people.  You know where we are today?  Extreme poverty . . . I voted against that bill.  Secretary Clinton strongly supported it . . . .

On drug laws:

[We really  have to] re-think from A-Z the drug laws, which have really wrecked a lot of lives . . . .

On education for disadvantaged kids:

We are going to invest in education and jobs for those kids . . . so if a kid is hanging out on a street corner, I want that kid working . . . rather than being in jail . . . We are spending 80 billion a year, that’s a lot of money, locking up people. You take a fraction of that money, you know how many jobs you can create? . . . It’s cheaper to send a kid to University of SC than to send him to jail . . . .

On what he would offer the African-American Community:

To me it is a question of justice.  I was there . . . I was there in 1963 for the March on Washington, it was called the March for Jobs and Freedom, hundreds and thousands of people . . . an extraordinary day . . . with one of the great heroes and leaders in American history, Dr. King . . . when I was at U of C I got arrested in terms of segregated schools in Chicago . . . Look, this is what I’ve been doing in my life, I believe in justice . . . .

On economic justice:

We gotta fight to create an economy that works for working families, not the 1% . . . .

On whether his support for the black community will hurt him with white voters:

I see a lot of kids coming out, mostly white kids, and you know what, they are very anti-racist, they want to see a new America . . . .

And . . . on whether he’s a Communist:

They said you supported Russia when Russia wanted to bomb the U.S. . . . ”

Jesus god, is that really what they’re saying?  What can I tell you, the answer is no . . . I think it is a good idea for people of different countries to get to know each other . . . of course I’m not a communist.

Watch, courtesy of breakfastclubonline: