Bernie Sanders wins – again – and the Clinton Media Network tweaks

ExcusesWI primary results

Tonight, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, by double digits.  Does it significantly change the delegate count? Depends on how you’re viewing it.  Does it change the tenor of the race?  You bet.  Does it put more wind at Bernie Sanders’ back going forward in the next half a dozen primaries?  Absolutely.

Except, the mainstream media hasn’t caught on yet to this phenomenon.  They’re stuck in repeat mode, making excuses and having sads.

The Daily Beast:  Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin, Changes Nothing

Slate:  Bernie Sanders Claims Big Win in Wisconsin, Faces Tough Road Ahead

Mashable:  Bernie Sanders will probably win Wisconsin.  It won’t matter much.

Washington Post:  Sanders wins in Wisconsin, keeping alive his improbable bid for the nomination

Politico:  Sanders blows by Clinton in Wisconsin: He’s won seven of the past eight contests, but will it matter?

And then there’s Fox, just about the only major network to report this:

Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin: It’s about authenticity, stupid