Bernie stands, literally, with striking Verizon workers, Clinton and her foundation take Verizon’s cash


New York is Feeling the Bern.  Bernie got the endorsement of the 60,000-strong New York Transit Workers union, and he also visited Verizon workers’ picket lines to lend support to striking Verizon workers.  As always, his words boosted the energy and momentum of these striking workers who are standing up to a rich corporation that thinks it’s being slick:

Today, you are standing up not just for justice for Verizon workers; you’re standing up for millions of Americans who don’t have a union . . . On behalf of every worker in America, those facing the same kind of pressure, thank you for what you are doing. We’re gonna win this thing!

Clinton’s response was a little less, well, heartfelt, and she didn’t hang out at picket lines.  Get back to the negotiating table, was about all she said.  After all, what’s she gonna do, bite another hand that feeds her?  As Salon reports,

The Hillary Clinton campaign, meanwhile, has received tens of thousands of dollars from Verizon executives and lobbyists.  That’s not all. For a May 2013 speech, the corporation paid Clinton a whopping $225,000 honorarium, according to her tax records.  Verizon has also given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, which investigative journalist Ken Silverstein has referred to as a ‘so-called charitable enterprise [that] has served as a vehicle to launder money and to enrich family friends.’  Moreover, the Clinton Foundation has partnered directly with Verizon, which is notorious for its vehement opposition to unions. The corporation is a partner in the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, and said it is ‘proud to partner with the Clinton Foundation’ . . . Journalist Zaid Jilani reported in AlterNet in October, when Sanders spoke in support of a Verizon strike, that the corporation’s executives and lobbyists had poured money into Clinton’s campaign or PACs.  Three Verizon vice presidents each donated $2,700 to Hillary for America. They were joined by a senior vice president and another vice president, who gave an additional $1,000.  A former Hillary Clinton operative who now lobbies for Verizon donated $2,700 as well, along with another Verizon lobbyist who pitched in $1,000.

It’s no coincidence that Verizon’s CEO and Chairman, Lowell McAdam, is channeling GE’s Immelt and frantically publishing a push-back against Bernie Sanders.  As notes,

The CEO of Verizon is not feeling the Bern. Lowell McAdam, who serves as both CEO and chairman of the telecommunications giant, posted an article to LinkedIn titled ‘Feeling the Bern of Reality — The Facts About Verizon and the ‘Moral Economy” on Wednesday.  In the piece, McAdam takes contention with Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ claims the company does not pay its fair share of taxes and doesn’t use its profits to benefit other Americans, as well as Sanders’ meeting with some of the 36,000 Verizon workerswho launched a major union strike this week.  ‘The senator’s uninformed views are, in a word, contemptible. Here’s why,’ McAdam wrote, noting Verizon paid $15.6 billion in taxes over the past two years.

I suppose it’s possible that Verizon paid $15 mil over the past two years.  On the other hand, as Americans for Tax Fairness noted, between 2008 and 2011, Verizon paid nothing on profits of almost $20 billion (that’s with a “b”).

Bernie Sanders will always get it right because his net worth is half of what Clinton made giving speeches to Wall Street and he doesn’t care.  Hillary Clinton will always be unwilling and, therefore, unable to get it right because her hand is always going to be shoved deep into the pockets of big corporations and Wall Street and every move she makes is going to forever reflect that largesse.

This, folks, is what is commonly known as a no-brainer.