Bernie’s rallies of 20,000 get no media attention; Nevada, on the other hand, is on a 24/7 news cycle

Nevada cops

Watching this high drama play (or, more accurately, play-acted) in the mainstream media about the Nevada convention – and watching high-ranking Democrats who are all Hillary hacks make statements about fearing for their safety (Barbara Boxer), gloom-and-doom’ing about a repeat of 1968 Chicago (Dianne Feinstein), and condemning Bernie for not flying straight to Nevada, righting the chairs and profusely apologizing to deplorable Lange (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) – is a sickening study in partisan politics and a reinforcement of what Bernie supporters have always know about the bias the DNC has shown in favor of Hillary and against Bernie.  And all of this just boils down to high drama, designed by the powers that be in the Democratic Party to put the bothersome issue of Bernie Sanders and his supporters to rest once and for all.

Bernie hasn’t gotten this much media attention at any point since he launched his campaign.

CNN has swallowed whole the narrative of Bernie supporters disrupting the Nevada convention last weekend simply because Bernie didn’t win.  They and others in the mainstream media have brought on Roberta Lange to talk about the death threats (note:  prove that those calls were actually from Bernie supporters and not Clinton trolls), without once asking the million-dollar question:  What did you do and why did you do it?

As reported,

According to several individuals, who were present, the Nevada State Democratic Party, led by chairwoman Roberta Lange, engaged in the following during the 15-hour convention:

  • Lange and an executive board secretly voted on rules two weeks before the convention to give Lange “exclusive control” over the convention and strictly limit motions, as well as challenges to rulings by the chair
  • Voted on “temporary rules” for the convention and cheated by calling the vote for the “yeas” when the “nays” clearly had larger numbers. The vote happened early at 9:30 am before all the delegates had arrived. [Video here.]
  • The State Democratic Party was provided with petitions from twenty percent of the delegates in attendance to challenge the adopted rules. Signatures were collected ahead of the convention because there were activists well-aware of what the Party would try to do with the new “temporary rules.” In fact, one of these people, Angie Morelli, was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Party, which was partly dismissed a day before the convention. The leadership pretended to accept the petitions and then ignored the fact that proper procedure had been followed, blocking any challenges, which effectively disenfranchised a subsection of people attempting to have their voices heard.
  • Lange granted herself the authority to have the final decision on all the delegates excluded from the convention. There were 56 Sanders delegates and four Clinton delegates, which were deemed to have improper or inadequate registration information. The number of Clinton delegates outnumbered Sanders delegates by only 33 delegates.
  • When one of the members of the state party committees attempted to read a “Minority Report,” reflecting what had happened with the decision to exclude 56 Sanders delegates, Lange tried to take the microphone out of the hand of the person, who was about to read the report.
  • Multiple attempts were made to bring motions in order to remove Lange as chair of the state party convention because it appeared to be Lange who was responsible for eruptions of disorder. Congressional candidate Dan Rolle hopped on a megaphone to make a motion and had the megaphone confiscated. Then, Rolle tried again later when he had access to the microphone to make a motion for a “no confidence” vote. The leadership cut off his microphone.
  • Nina Turner, one of the most prominent and well-respected Sanders surrogates, was there to represent his campaign at the convention. Yet, abruptly, the leadership switched the order and had Senator Barbara Boxer go on stage to speak for the Clinton campaign. Her speech riled up supporters, and as she was booed, she kept riling them up by berating them.
  • Lange moved to adjourn the convention when there was a motion made for a recount on the floor late in the convention.
  • State Democratic Party leadership refused to acknowledge delegates from the Sanders side, who were following the rules to make motions, and effectively sowed chaos in the process. As they fled the convention after abruptly adjourning, Las Vegas metro police lined the stage. Sanders delegates contemplated a civil disobedience action in response, but eventually, most left the room as it was cleared. This image of police in the room helped the Party spread propaganda in the hours after that it was the Sanders people who were “violent,” and brought the convention to the point of chaos where it was not safe for people anymore.

Unfortunately, all of this conduct has been drowned out by a narrative that somehow Sanders supporters were sore losers . . . .

Bernie surrogate Nina Turner, who was present, denied the media accounts vehemently; however, Clinton backers – only one of whom was actually present – have continued to spin the narrative that Bernie supporters are violent, unruly, and a potential threat to a civil convention in Philadelphia.  Barbara Boxer, who was at the convention, and who now says she feared her for personal safety (tough as old boots, that one – hard to believe a few protesters rattled her to that extent) claimed to have attempted to instill calm over the proceedings; however, her post-convention claims belied her actual words to Bernie supporters in Nevada:

Let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton! . . . Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election.



Dianne Feinstein, another Hillary hack, issued an ominous warning of what could ensue at the Philadelphia convention.  As CNN reported,

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein warned that Bernie Sanders’ intention to take his candidacy to the Democratic convention in July could spark unrest similar to the chaotic 1968 convention in Chicago and the riots surrounding it.

‘It worries me a great deal,’ Feinstein told CNN’s Manu Raju. ‘You know, I don’t want to go back to the ’68 convention, because I worry about what it does to the electorate as a whole — and he [Bernie Sanders] should, too.’

Harry Reid, another Hillary hack who wasn’t present at the convention, didn’t like Bernie’s tone in his response to the Nevada convention, and derided and insulted Bernie:

Bernie should say something and not have some silly statement. Bernie is better than that. He should say something about this [and] not have some statement someone else prepared for him.

Bernie supporters need to get on board with THIS?  When Boxer taunts and mocks them, Feinstein condemns them, Reid insults him, and Wasserman-Schultz claims to want to “unify” the party (translation:  Support Hillary) and yet fails to examine what happened in Nevada, and condemns Bernie, personally, without having a single conversation with him?

Bernie Sanders supporters, as he succinctly pointed out, are not violent; out of all those rallies of 20,000 people (few of which the mainstream media even reported on) there were no incidents of violence (the fact that the mainstream media largely ignored those rallies tells you all you need to know about their serenity; as we’ve seen, the first chair that gets shoved, and it’s all over the news).

None of these “leaders” has yet given Bernie or Bust’ers a good reason to get on board with the Democratic establishment, with the DNC, to support Clinton or head to the convention in July with a sense of fairness and justice having been served.  If these people hoped to unify the party, the words that pop into my head are “EPIC FAIL.”  Instead, they’ve steeled the resolve of millions of us that this is an institution that has unilaterally rejected our agenda, and that we will not be well served by joining it, endorsing it, or in any way supporting it.