Chicago Thugs? Okay Mr. Donald KKK Trump, I Got Your Thug Right Here

I have for the most part been fairly quiet about Trump and his low IQ  supporters.  I also have been fairly nice about his lack of class, lack of policies and his nauseating habit of  endlessly promoting himself.  I am not even going to touch is debating skills since it is rather obvious that he has none.  But when he had the audacity to call the protesters in Chicago “thugs” that was it.

Game on.


Trump Chicago rage


One in five of your banjo playing supporters do not believe that slaves should have been emancipated.  Though you never publicly advocated for white supremacy, your supporters have that covered. I noticed, however, that the majority of the protesters you have forcibly removed from your rallies are African Americans or have brown skin, hell one was even sucker punched by one of your Hitler loving supporters.  Below is an example of one of your banjo playing, Hitler loving super fans.


Trump Hitler

We black and brown people are not thugs but we are tired of you and your supporters shit. We also have every right to protest against you and your hate filled rhetoric and that includes the idiots that support it.  You are a complete embarrassment to this country.  You are a liar, a bully, a con artist and the perfect example of how no amount of  money can buy class.  Every single time I look at your smug, orange tinged face I want to vomit.

For those of you who think I am being rather harsh, please read the article I posted below and then try to tell me that this man and his message is not just like the KKK’s tired ass message that has not really changed much in over one hundred years.  It didn’t get rid of us then and you best believe we damn sure are not going anywhere now.

We will stay here by any means necessary.  Bet on it.

Thanks to The Atlantic and Kelly J. Baker for providing us with a very accurate trip down KKK memory lane.  The more things change the more they stay the same . . .

Make America White Again?

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live produced a mock ” Voters for Trump” ad, in which everyday “real Americans” gently describe why they support Donald Trump for president-before they are all revealed to be white supremacists, Klan members, and Nazis.