Clinton groupies are gloating about locking in even more unearned superdelegates


Okay, y’all – here’s how this goes:  Since Clinton and her supporters are clearly not interested in democracy or fairness (after all, as noted here, many superdelegates cling to Clinton even in states where Bernie creamed her), and are gloating about the 33 superdelegates Clinton has recently picked up, then they surely won’t mind if Bernie goes to the convention and does his level best to flip those same folks to his column.  Of course, that’s not exactly how the Clinton camp sees it:  They call it not playing fair, a threat to “party loyalty,” that Sanders will destroy the party if he takes his fight to the convention, that those are her superdelegates and he better not try to “poach” them, that, according to Clinton’s campaign manager, Sanders must decide if he wants to “make casualties” of Clinton and the Democratic Party.  Shit, the party is already a casualty – a casualty of Clinton greed and avarice and ambition and a ruthless single-minded quest to win, at whatever cost.  If anyone has cost the party loyalty and support – and money – it’s been Clinton and her campaign, her dirty campaigning followed by a wide-eyed “who me” when busted.

As we noted earlier tonight, the Clinton camp isn’t concerned a whit with “party unity” – they just want the legions of Bernie Sanders supporters to support her, and the sooner the better.  They’re furious and frustrated that Bernie isn’t going to run out of money and isn’t going to run out of loyal supporters and she’s drowning in negative poll ratings and he gets 25000 at rallies when she’s lucky to get 250.

So they want to snatch all the superdelegates, regardless of how these supers’ states voted – okay by me.  Just don’t be surprised at the convention when Bernie and his people run a full court press on elected officials who kind of depend on millions of voters to keep their jobs – voters who are with Bernie and have an enormous amount of clout via social media and grassroots activism.  When superdelegates ignore the voting power of their states and vote for the candidate who better greases their palms, they in actuality are permitted to cast two votes in the primary.  Call us crazy, but we don’t think that’s a good look.

I ask you this:  What has the DNC or the Democratic Party done for Bernie lately that would encourage him to abandon his supporters and his progressive ideals to lend a hand to an over-the-hill hack whose list of accomplishments inure only to her own benefit?  Here’s the real talk on this:  Establishment Dems have done nothing to support Bernie Sanders, and will continue to try to drive him out of the race.  Game’s on, and all bets are off.