Fact Checking The PBS Democratic Debate

Another debate means it is time to fact check the participants. As with every debate there are always a few discrepancies and this one is no different. Bernie Sanders claimed that his Social Security Bill would extend the life of the trust fund 58 years when it only extends it 40 years.  He also stated the the real unemployment rate for African American youth is 50% but it is actually 25%.

Hillary Clinton had a few discrepancies as well. She doubled down on her claim that African Americans were helped by the ACA more than any other group but according to the Obama administration, Hispanics’ uninsured rate dropped 30.01 percent, while African Americans’ uninsured rate dropped only 12.1 percent.

I don’t know if it’s their campaign staffs giving them the incorrect information, or if the candidates are just inflating the numbers to be more appealing to their supporters.  I do know that honesty is the best policy and they both need to remember that.  There are additional discrepancies which can be found below on the FACTCHECK.ORG website..

FactChecking the Sixth Democratic Debate

One week after their last meeting, the Democratic presidential candidates debated in Milwaukee. We found: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said his bill on Social Security would extend the life of the trust funds by 58 years. It’s 40 years, according to the Social Security Administration’s chief actuary.