Hillary, Just Release The Damn Transcripts.

While watching last nights Democratic Town Hall, even though I am admittedly on Team Bernie, I remained neutral.  This wasn’t hard to do since I just decided to officially join his team a couple of weeks ago.  Though many things helped me reach that decision, Ms. Clinton’s constant mentioning of the President she and her husband trashed in 2007 – 2008 during her last attempt to live in the White House, pushed me over the edge.  I believe the number of mentions was in the twenties. That plus the fact that she has been so obviously (and rather desperately) pandering to black voters by meeting with Black ministers ( and asking for salvation), meeting with Black leaders of HER generation ( while being ignored by today’s young, prominent Black leaders) and welcoming the support of Black politicians (again from HER generation) whose palms she most likely greased pushed me over the edge. As a Black female who remembers both Clinton’s participation in the destruction of Black communities in the nineties, the only way I will vote for her is when or if the time comes to keep a Republican out of the White House.  While others in the Black community are opting instead to use their selective memories and support her, I just can’t get down like that.


This is one my other issues with her, so let’s fast forward to last nights Democratic Town Hall on CNN.  I admittedly sat back and waited for the transcript question to come up again.  I watched her body tense up when Chris Cuomo finally brought it up and this was her response.


“If every one  does it including the Republicans.”  Then after nervously babbling on about all the reforms she has participated in she then actually fixed her lips and asked,  “Why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else?” 


Let’s see, maybe because you are running on a Democratic ticket who’s supporters hate Wall Street and want to know just how deeply in bed you are with them and how much you actually made from all of the speeches. Or maybe because Democrats don’t want to elect a Centrist pretending to be a Progressive.  Bottom line, refusing to release them makes it look like you again have something to hide and I would be willing to bet the farm that you do.  Bernie Sanders would be more than happy to share his IF he had any.


I think the most insulting part of her response was when she included the Republicans.  She knows damn well there is no way in hell they will release any transcripts.  They do not want to help her and are shrewd enough to know that they may get some votes from the fallout when voters that don’t trust her and won’t vote for Bernie run into their corrupt little arms.  They also know that their supporters do not give a damn about the possibility of any of them being in bed with Wall Street, especially not the low hanging fruit that supports Trump.  She knows exactly what she is doing and yes, I hope it will bite her in the ass.


If she is not hiding anything and believes that her minions won’t run into Bernie’s  arms or even worse, the arms of a Republican candidate, she will release the damn transcripts.  Those of you not questioning her refusal to release them need to crawl out of the darkness and open your eyes.  Below I have included a video of the highlights from the debate.  Thanks to CNN for the video


south carolina democratic town hall 90 seconds orig wx cnn

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton make their case for why they should be the next president ahead of the South Carolina primary.