Media bias in favor of Clinton and against Sanders is in full swing

People complain about Bernie Sanders, grumbling that, after decades as an Independent, he suddenly wants a seat at the Democratic table, and question why the DNC or any other establishment entity should give him the time of day.  For starters, Bernie definitely doesn’t want a seat at the establishment table; he wants a brand new table, where there are seats for all of us.  But I digrees – what’s clear is that, within the mainstream media, we’re seeing clear bias against reporting of Sanders vs. Clinton.  A couple of things popped up on the radar recently.

In recent days, while the media salivated, first, on Clinton’s potential win in South Carolina and then her actual win in South Carolina, tens of thousands were holding rallies and marches for Bernie Sanders, and the media seems to have, well, largely ignored it.  Trump’s every last insult makes headlines.  Hillary’s attendance at every church is breathlessly reported.  Despite the fact that Clinton’s speeches are charmless and her media appeal zilch, establishment media dutifully reports.  But when 10,000 rally in Austin, the streets are clogged in Chicago, well, we’ve got crickets.

Thanks to D.C. Rutledge of the for this:

It may not be what you’ve been told by your local, trusted corporate news conglomerate, but it’s true in the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans: Bernie Sanders is the more favorable candidate for the Democratic Party’s Presidential Nomination. According to the latest Gallup poll, conducted between Jan. 18 – 30, 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has overtaken Sec. Hillary Clinton in national democratic net favorability ratings, +53 to +49, respectively. As for voters 64 and under, Bernie has a +11 net favorability over Hillary. For those under 30, he’s a rock star, topping the former First Lady by 27 points! . . . The main reason for voters’ relative unfamiliarity with him was the intense and intentional mainstream media blackout of Bernie Sanders throughout the Fall, dubbed the ‘Bernie blackout.’ It wasn’t until the Sanders campaign called out major networks like NBC, CBS and ABC in early January on their biased coverage (a whopping 23 to 1 ratio of Trump to Bernie despite their similar polling numbers) that they’ve begrudgingly begun to adjust their focus. When he was covered nationally, it was usually with open derision and disdain from establishment and corporate-owned punditry. They would talk themselves in circles over his ‘unelectability,’ or his ‘lack of experience,’ and especially his ‘radical views’ that are far ‘too idealistic.’ All that nonsense was exposed as hollow words on the night of the Iowa Caucus.

Recent headlines demonstrate that trend hasn’t changed.  Following Hillary’s sweeping win in South Carolina, headlines popped up on mainstream media outlets indicating Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and election chances, had flamed out.  And yet, as the headlines multiplied, so did Bernie’s supporters across the nation, filling the streets and cheering him on.

The media has failed miserably in its duty to the public – but when its sights are set on a singular mission, in this case, the election of Hillary Clinton, it would rather take a pass on anything that might interfere.  Here are a few examples of the mainstream media-gush over Clinton – without disclosing the money connections of the pundits:

  • CNN is owned by Time Warner, one of Clinton’s top donors.
  • Stephanie Cutter, introduced in a recent Meet the Press panel as a Democratic “campaign expert” and as a former campaign official for President Obama, said, “I think Hillary Clinton has done everything right.”  What she didn’t note was that her company, Precision Strategies, is on Clinton’s payroll for digital consulting.
  • Maria Cardona, a CNN contributor, has been a dutiful on-air champion of Clinton.  But, as Lee Fang of The Intercept reported, ” . . . [S]he is also a longtime partner at the Dewey Square Group, a lobbying firm with extensive ties to the Clinton campaign: Two Dewey Square partners serve as fundraisers for the Clinton campaign, each raising at least $100,000; both pro-Clinton Super PACs — Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record — have paid Dewey Square for consulting services during this election; and the co-founding partner of Dewey Square now serves as the chief administrative officer of the Clinton campaign. Notably, Cardona, a DNC “superdelegate” who pledged support for Clinton last year, before any of the primary elections, also contributed the maximum donation to Clinton’s campaign.”  Cardona has also defended Clinton’s use of a private email while in government service.
  • Again, as reported by Lee Fang, “Hari Sevugan is a principal at 270 Strategies, which was co-founded by Lynda Tran, a CBS News political contributor.”  270 Strategies is heavily involved in the Clinton campaign, and Hillary’s PAC paid 270 Strategies over $300,000 for consulting work, at least count.  Nobody would know that, however, as both Sevugan and Tran hit MSNBC and CBS to take subtle shots at Bernie Sanders’ election chances, noting that Sanders’ surge was a flop.


Chicago for Bernie


Media Blackout As Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters March in 45 Cities

Ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries, a nationwide march has swept across the nation for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Organizers have reported that at least 40 cities are holding demonstrations, and perhaps as many as 70. #MarchForBernie happening now in over 70 cities across the country. #WeAreBernie #AmericaTogether #NotMeUs #SCforBernie – John P.

If you want the real scoop on Bernie Sanders, and his election chances, you won’t rely on headlines you’re reading on Huffington Post, Politico, MSNBC, or on the pundits on CNN.  Instead, check out, the Daily Kos diaries, DemocraticUnderground or any number of sites that report on what’s accurate, and not just what’s politically expedient to help elect Hillary Clinton.