News Flash – We Both Came Here On Boats Idiot, The Only Difference Is That You Weren’t Chained To Yours.

Take a look at this video and the comments made by Trump supporters.  Now let them both marinate in your brain for a minute and when you are through tell me again why people are offend by the Black Lives Matter movement and all that is stands for.  We know all lives matter but clearly people need to be reminded that Black Lives Matter too.


black lives matter


Much thanks again to Esquire Magazine for always keeping it real.



Watch This Trump Supporter Yell, “Go Back to Africa!” at African American Protesters

Politics is ugly. We all know this. But while the democrats are fighting over who loves health care most, a Donald Trump rally was canceled because of violence and now this. MSNBC’s national reporter Tony Dokoupil shared footage of a Trump supporter screaming, “Go back to Africa!”