Sanders and Clinton: Tied in Nevada, polls narrowing nationwide

In September 2015, Bernie Sanders was lagging behind Hillary Clinton by a pretty large margin by most standards.  Then he tied in Iowa.  He won in New Hampshire.  And now, against the odds, Sanders and Clinton are in a dead heat in Nevada.  Nationally, the gap between Sanders and Clinton is narrowing; recent polls show them only a few points apart.  Thanks to TalkingPointsMemo for this:

New Poll Shows Sanders Obliterating Clinton’s 31-Point National Lead

The poll showed support for Clinton at 44 percent, with Sanders close behind at 42 percent. This represents an enormous change since the previous national Quinnipiac poll in December, which showed Clinton beating Sanders 61 percent to 30 percent.


Thanks for the Huffington Post for this:


2016 Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus – Polls – HuffPost Pollster

Polls and chart for 2016 Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus. See the latest estimates and poll results at HuffPost Pollster.

The media has underestimated the national anger.  The establishment has underestimated youthful voters, politically active millennials.  The story has yet to be written – but for Bernie Sanders supporters, it’s not looking like a sad ending.