The American Super Tuesday Horror Story Staring Donald Trump And The Trumpublicans

There was a 70% uptick of republican voters during the South Carolina Primary.  Texas is already reporting  record turnouts at several voting locations, primarily consisting of first time voters.  Considering the alarmingly low turnout of democratic voters this primary season, you can bet your sweet ass it’s republicans leading the charge. Ted Cruz needs to worry, Trumpublicans, the lowest hanging fruit known to mankind, are on a mission to help Make America Stupid.

They might as well rename it Super Hillary and Donald Day.




Below is an article published in the Naples News and written by By Ben Brody and James Nash, Bloomberg News

Be afraid, very afraid.

The Super Tuesday scorecard

By Ben Brody and James Nash, Bloomberg News With the first presidential nominating contests now in the books, the focus of the race is jumping ahead to the biggest prize so far of the 2016 primary season: Super Tuesday.