The New Rules Of Political Engagement

Welcome to the new rules of political engagement where centrist based establishment politics are no longer in vogue.  We are in the midst of a much needed political revolution.  As stated by Joschka (Yoshi) Tryba at HuffPost  Politics:


 In the past 8 years, we’ve seen 5 massive political movements: Obama in ’08, the Tea Party in ’09, Occupy Wall Street in ’11, Black Lives Matter in ’15, and now Bernie’s movement in ’16. We haven’t seen political movements like this since the 60’s.


I am a firm believer that these changes are not only good but are necessary.


Joschka (Yoshi) Trybaalso states the following:


What this all points to is a widespread and deep dissatisfaction with centrist, establishment politics. The success of Sanders, Trump and Cruz is evidence of this fact. They offer the two competing explanations for why establishment politics and economics have failed.

The explanation on the right is that Bush, Bush Sr., Reagan and Nixon all weren’t conservative enough. They believe it is all these immigrants, gays, PC-liberals, Muslims, blacks and Mexicans that are destroying America. They believe we need to make America great again by returning to the “good ‘ol days” (aka white-man America). Needless to say, the right is wrong.

The explanation on the left is that the past 40 years have proven the failure of neo-liberal economics and hawkish foreign policies. The belief is that we need to return to European/Roosevelt style economics and diplomacy based foreign policy. Needless to say, the left is right.

Millenials are the first generation to accept this fact. We are Bernie’s internet army. We are the reason Bernie has continued winning, even as the entire mainstream media has only ignored and mocked him.


Think what you want about Trump, Cruz and Sanders but they have a least jolted American’s out their establishment induced coma.


The attached article is a great read.  Thanks Joschka (Yoshi) Tryba at HuffPost Politics for sharing it with us.


The Rules of Politics Have Changed

The only thing keeping Hillary alive right now is the large faction of Democrats who prefer Bernie’s platform but think Hillary is more electable. The belief in Hillary’s electability is based in a set of theories about the American electorate that held true from roughly 1968-2006, but have since lost their explanatory power.