Trump Jr. claims Nazi at Trump’s Chicago rally is a Bernie activist

Here’s the back story.  Trump has generated riotous crowds of thugs and bullies and racists and people who embrace every “ism” on the planet with his messages of racism and bigotry and xenophobia and misogyny.  So, you know, it’s a free country – people can say pretty much what they want as long as it doesn’t transcend to hate speech.  Trump’s ralliers, though, have gone further than just hate speech (although they’re very free with that, as well) – they beat dissenters up at the rallies, attack people who come to counter-protest.  People are getting hurt at Trump rallies.  It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed.  But to their credit, counter-protesters are still wading in, because here in America, we have that right, and here in America, many of us (I hope most) don’t believe in, embrace or accept the message Trump and his supporters convey.

So when Trump decided to hold a rally on the south side of Chicago, at a university campus, with his message of hatred for people of color, and he and his fans are now shocked that it went bad . . . well, jeez, I’m not sure what to say. Kimberley Irvin covered it splendidly here – but then I turn on the tv, flip through to listen to what the haters over at Fox are saying, and hear “Judge” Pirro ranting and raving (not an exaggeration – she really was ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth) that Bernie Sanders supporters and and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters are infringing on Trump fans’ “freedom of speech.”  Then I hear Donald Trump’s son say in outrage that nobody ever disavows Bernie’s supporters, after he tried to spread the rumor on Twitter that the Nazi-loving fan at a Trump rally (Birgitt Peterson of Yorkville) was really a Bernie supporter and “agitator” (Portia Boulger, a former Hillary Clinton supporter and current Bernie Sanders activist from Chillicothe, Ohio).  The Nazi at the Friday night rally in Chicago was Peterson.  Sanders supporter Boulger wasn’t even in Chicago Friday night; she was at “4 North Bridge Street in Chillicothe, Ohio, at the IBEW union hall, making calls for Sanders.”  But that didn’t stop the message from spreading among right-wingnuts that Bernie supporters were dressing up as Trump Nazis to disrupt Trump rallies.


Trump fan Nazi


Responding to a Tweet from someone correctly identifying the Nazi-lover as a Trump supporter, Trump Jr. tweeted back:

Apparently you don’t read the news. She runs Bernie Sander’s women for Bernie site. It’s all staged [sic].


Trump Jr. Smears 63-Year-Old Bernie Supporter as Nazi

The streetlights illuminated her golden hair, almost like a halo. But that’s where comparisons to the divine end. Her fingers pressed together tightly and her arm reached out toward the sky. A young man stared down at her, in what looked like disbelief. Through her wire-rimmed glasses, she met his gaze.

As it turns out, Trump Jr. later deleted a series of Tweets misidentifying the Chicago Nazi, and Boulger owned up to being the Nazi-lover at the rally.  End of case – except, not.  The prevailing cry on the right is that these counter-protesters had no right to attend Trump’s rally, that they showed up just to “disrupt” and “agitate,” and that in their version of America, that should be condemned.

I listened to Fox and these people in awe and amazement – because not one time, as they ranted and raved about MoveOn and Bernie supporters and how Trump’s rally was derailed in Chicago because commie pinkos don’t believe in free speech, did any of them listen to themselves and realize that why they described was a desperate effort on their part and on the part of Trump and his supporters to derail everyone else’s free speech.  Trump has a right to have rallies, and people have a right to counter-protest.  For the cheap seats, the 1st Amendment, which people seem to harken back to every time there are consequences of speech, has nothing to do with any of this.  Government isn’t interfering with anybody’s speech.  Trump’s supporters are just getting the ass-end of the negative consequences for what they say.

Actions and words both have consequences – and the Trump thugs are not free from the consequences of the “free speech” they embrace for themselves and so condemn in others.