With Clinton, it’ll always be something shady – and yes, of course that’s disqualifying


The Clinton email leaks, compliments of Wikileaks, have been drip drip dripping daily for the past however long.  And then, this weekend, we learn that the FBI is re-opening (yes, re-opening, not resuming) its investigation into Clinton’s emails, after this:

Newly discovered emails found on a computer seized during an investigation of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner thrust the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server back into the presidential campaign less than two weeks before the election.

Officials said the discovery prompted a surprise announcement Friday by FBI Director James B. Comey that the agency would once again be examining emails related to Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

In a letter to lawmakers, Comey said the FBI would take ‘appropriate investigative steps’ to determine whether the newly discovered emails contain classified information and to assess whether they are relevant to the Clinton server probe.

The emails, numbering more than 1,000, were found on a computer used by both Weiner (D-N.Y.) and his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, according to law enforcement officials with knowledge of the inquiry who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Immediately after this news broke, Clinton sauntered off her plane, ignored reporters, and jumped into a waiting SUV.  Her later, tossed-together, presser was astounding in its duplicity:  She was “deeply troubled” by this “unprecedented” act by Director Comey and demanded he release everything, stat.

Oh, that’s rich – the candidate with the unprecedented status of being under two FBI investigations in the course of a presidential election, and who has so many deeply troubling secrets and backroom deals we can’t keep up, is grabbing the smelling salts and falling on the fainting couch with outrage at Comey sending a letter to Congress, a disclosure he promised under oath he would make if new information turned up.  I don’t recall the same level of outrage when Comey took the unusual step in July of sharing his findings about the Clinton investigation with the American public, and recommended no charges.

From the private server and hidden emails, secret Wall Street speeches, the “public and private” positions Clinton admits to taking, the Clinton camp’s efforts to destroy Bernie Sanders, collusion with the DNC in 2014, before she even declared her candidacy, to State Department pay-to-play, renovating their New York house without the required permits (showing, again, they think they’re above laws we commoners have to follow), and a myriad of other things, the Clintons are toxic.  They’re a cancer on politics.  What people don’t get is that it isn’t just the emails, or just the Wall Street speeches, or just the Foundation or just the sleazy nature of every campaign Clinton runs – it’s the fact that, with the Clintons, it’s always going to be something.  They’re not victims of the Republican smear machine; they’re victims of the fallout from their own schemes, from their own secrets, from their own greed.

As a lifelong liberal and yellow dog Dem, I registered independent this year.  I have always supported President Obama, and was a fervent Bernie supporter – but this, this candidate is beyond anything I can remotely stomach.  When the Dems colluded with Clinton before she even announced her candidacy, when they, along with the willing media, propelled her candidacy at Bernie’s expense, when they have proven to be, via Wikileaks, every bit as sinister and sleazy as we suspected, they crossed a line I’ll never cross with them.  I never intended to vote for Clinton; once Bernie left the race, I took a look at the third-party candidates.  But even if I had, at one time, debated voting for Clinton because her opponent was exponentially worse, the drip drip drip has turned into waterboarding now, and the fact that the Democratic powers that be, along with the media, continue to apologize for Clinton, defend her, and take swipes at those who don’t, has reinforced like nothing else can how nefarious her presidency would be, and how clearly a vote for her would violate my core integrity.

Of course I’m aware that lending support to a third-party candidate could lead to a Trump presidency – but the fault doesn’t lie with me, it lies with the Democratic operatives who thought it’d be swell to operate outside the bounds of decency, ignore Clinton’s many disqualifying characteristics, and try to trick and swindle the public into thinking her unbelievably bad judgment and behavior were trifling things, and that she was the better option.  She’s not.  The past is the best predictor of the future, and her past points to a future rife with scandal, conflict, secrecy, deceptiveness, money-grubbing, political decisions and policy made with only her own best interests in mind, and perhaps even criminal conduct.  She operates outside the law, outside the rules the rest of us mostly try to live by, and that won’t change.  It’s baked into her persona – and it’s been remarkably successful in terms of financial gain and political power.  She has no incentive to change who she is; but we should have a very strong incentive to deny her the chance to drag us into her slippery orbit.

More than half the country thinks Clinton is untrustworthy, and a whopping 7 out of 10 Americans think she acted unethically, if not illegally, around her private email server.  Those numbers alone are disqualifying.  I’d rather have a president like Trump, whose bad behavior hasn’t been hidden beneath umpteen layers of secrecy and who hasn’t been protected by a cabal of willing political and media sycophants, than a president like Clinton, who’s learned how to expertly game the system, and the deceive the public, for her own personal gain.  Her own closest aides have commented in the Wikileaks emails about her secrecy and poor judgment.

Even after a lifetime of Democratic loyalty, voting for Clinton – essentially telling the Dem establishment that what they did during this campaign and how they operated was acceptable, and worse, giving them license to do it again – is a bridge too far for me.